GoFundMe says it won’t donate $ 10 million to truck protesters, but instead to charities

GoFundMe said it would not provide the organizers with $ 10 million (US $ 8 million) raised to assist truck drivers protesting COVID-19’s obligations, and instead worked with the organizers to “GoFundMe. . “

“To keep GoFundMe a reliable platform, we’re working with local governments to give them a detailed and factual understanding of what’s happening in the field,” said the funding platform. Is stated in. statement February 4th.

“After reviewing the relevant facts and discussing it with local law enforcement and city authorities many times, this fundraiser violates the Terms of Service (Article 8 prohibiting the promotion of violence and harassment) and is removed from the platform. it was done. “

The Platform has previously frozen withdrawals because it conducted a review “to ensure compliance with our Terms of Service and applicable laws and regulations.”

Keith Wilson, a lawyer at the Constitutional Freedom Center (JCCF) on behalf of the organizer, said at a press conference on February 3 that GoFundMe was “attacked by organized social media and other campaigns. I tried to close it. ” [the fundraiser] under. “

Ottawa police arrested several while the protesters remained in Ottawa. On February 1, Ottawa police announced that they had charged one man with mischief for less than $ 5,000 and another man for carrying weapons to the meeting. Police charged another man from Quebec in connection with “threats and comments made on social media” while in Ottawa on February 2. Police say there were no injuries or riots during the protest.

The organizers of the protest claim that their movement is peaceful.

“I am not involved in the movement, crimes related to property damage, and assaults by instigators this morning were witnessed and reported by a truck driver and one of our volunteer guards. It is based on highly credible information that it was done, said Daniel Bullford, a former RCMP officer who worked as a sniper to protect the Prime Minister and is currently supporting protesters, at a press conference on February 3. rice field.

GoFundMe previously allowed the organizer’s $ 1 million withdrawal to be used to pay for protesters’ fuel and food.

The truck driver’s escort fleet demonstration initially began as a protest against the federal government’s request to vaccinate the COVID-19 across the U.S.-Canada border, but with various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. It was a big move as many people joined the protests across Canada against it. ..

The convoy gathered in Ottawa on January 29, with many protesters staying in the city and parking trucks and vehicles near the Capitol.

Pelester says they will remain in the country’s capital until the government removes the COVID-19 order.

Omid Ghoreishi


Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.