Gogoro and Hon Hai announce a strategic alliance to assist Gogoro’s global expansion planning

Gogoro Foxconn

Gogoro Foxconn

Gogoro and Hon Hai signed a letter of intent for cooperation earlier, becoming a strategic partner in technology and production. The two will simultaneously promote a number of cooperation projects, including areas such as smart battery exchange systems, vehicle engineering, and manufacturing. In the cooperation, Hon Hai will provide its “solid production capacity, global factory layout and strict quality control”; while Gogoro will focus more on product design, technology research and development, brand marketing, channel expansion, customer service and other aspects. .

Liu Yangwei, Chairman of Hon Hai Group, said: “As the world is welcoming smart electric transportation in a new way, how to promote these innovative options to consumers in every corner of the world has become a new challenge. Hon Hai and Gogoro The strategic cooperation of Gogoro is to solve this problem. This cooperation combines Gogoro’s advanced battery exchange and intelligent electric vehicle technology with Hon Hai’s vast global manufacturing capabilities, allowing Gogoro to deploy a large number of intelligent battery exchange ecosystems and vehicles around the world. “And Gogoro CEO Lu Xuesen believes: “As Gogoro’s ecosystem continues to lead the industry in evolving toward a metropolitan energy supply and battery exchange system, whether we have the ability to rapidly increase production capacity and meet global demand will be extremely important.”

Gogoro announced in AprilStrategic cooperation with Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, And May isBecome a partner with China’s Great Yangtze River Group and Yadi Technology Group. Although in these cooperations, Gogoro mostly provides a battery exchange system similar to Taiwan’s PBGN, and the local manufacturers design their own vehicles, but this also means that Gogoro’s center of gravity has increasingly been designed and manufactured by the locomotive itself. Turn to the expansion of the battery swap system.

In this announcement, Gogoro did not clearly state where its production base will go, but Gogoro’s “focused” project obviously lacks the production of vehicles; while Hon Hai has long-term ambitions related to electric vehicles and will now cooperate with it. Extend from the four-wheel vehicle factory to two intelligent electric vehicles. In the future, whether Gogoro’s own-brand vehicles will be manufactured by Hon Hai, or even directly designed and produced by Hon Hai, depends on the layout of the cooperation between the two parties.

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