“Good luck, Countess!” See Lu Annde Lesseps, 56, posing in a Miami Beach bikini

As the saying goes, she has come a long way.

Luann de Lesseps posted a great “Sunday” photo on the weekend in South Florida.

The “real housewife in New York City” star looked absolutely great in a 56 year old bikini, we must admit.

Perhaps chalk it into a clean life?

Dreseps, who was notoriously arrested at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach on Christmas Eve 2017 on suspicion of chaotic addiction, looks better than ever.For her Drunk tilade After attacking the policeman, the cabaret singer had to attend an addiction meeting, use an alcohol measuring device, and meet the therapist on a regular basis.

The road to drinking was long and rocky, but she admitted, deLesseps seems to be doing well now and riding a wagon.Two mothers also came out Her own liquor without liquor It is called Fosé Rosé.

Speaking of wine, Connecticut natives will attend South Beach Wine & Food FestivalThis weekend, we are celebrating our 21st year. Another social media snap featured a reality star posed with boylegs and halternecks in front of a tent built on sand for the event and tagged with founder Leashlager.

A local foodie replied in the comments section: “Make it work, Countess!”

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