Good news for immigrants applying for a green card — at least for now

U.S. immigrants requesting status adjustments to become legal permanent residents must use the essential form to show that there are no health problems that the applicant considers unacceptable to the country. I have.

It’s a duty and sometimes afraid. Health check and vaccination records For immigrant purposes. Results will be presented to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) through Form I-693.

Previously, this form was valid for up to two years starting counting from the date it was signed by a USCIS-designated civil surgeon.

However, the US Immigration Department is facing a significant delay in processing applications. Coronavirus pandemic — Therefore, we have decided to temporarily extend the validity period of Form I-693 from 2 years to 4 years.

For the first time, immigrants can get a green card and a social security number at the same time

“We are making this temporary change. COVID-19 caused a processing delay It affected the applicant’s ability to complete the required immigration health examinations, “immigration officials said in a news release.

The problem faced by many green card applicants is that by the time their immigration benefits are arbitrated, I-693 is no longer valid.

To overcome this hurdle, the applicant must obtain Updated medical report..

The Immigration Bureau recommends that you schedule your health examination as close as possible to the time the applicant submits a status request adjustment using Form I-485. Receive a US green card..

“Innocent mistakes” no longer require immigrants to have their green cards or visas

At least temporarily, USCIS stated that Form I-693 would be considered valid if:

▪ ▪ The Citizen Surgeon’s signature will be dated within 60 days of the applicant submitting an application for Form I-485, Permanent Resident Registration or Status Adjustment.

▪ ▪ Within four years have passed since the date of the surgeon’s signature.

▪ ▪ Applicant Form I-485 decisions will be issued prior to September 30, 2021.

Green cards are only available to immigrants who fall into any of these categories

Authorities have requested immigrants seeking to adjust their status to legal permanent residents to jointly submit forms I-693 and I-485.

“By doing so, we may not have to do it. Issue a request for evidence (RFE) And it helps to avoid delays in arbitrage, “they said.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration also implemented a new procedure. Extend the validity period of the green card Permanent residents for 12 months Identity documentationThe Department of Homeland Security said in a news release.