Goodbye Bubble — But the Last Zero COVID Reminder

Beijing (AP) — Leaving the Winter Olympics, the last early morning visit to Beijing Airport in the eerie sky brings one full circle.

As in the Steven Soderbergh pandemic thriller “infectious disease” scene, masked travelers are greeted by an army of workers in full hazmat suits. A loop that separates the participants of the game from the general public.

Whether checking in for a visitor’s flight or carrying an athlete’s skis, these sealed workers operate the airport invisible. An AP photographer on his way home from the Olympics caught them at work.

Workers addressed to the crew, who lined up like a sentry, added a picture of the popular Olympic mascot, Bin Dundun, to the back of the suit. Another crew pushes the bobsled cart like a team. Canadian hockey team bags are taken to the ride.

Regardless of the task, it is done with full protection. This is the last shield from the coronavirus in a country with a Zero Corona policy.

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