Google adds features to make shopping more convenient in Photos and .Chrome

Google Shopping


Most people rarely link “shopping” and “Google” together, but shopping is still one of Google’s important sources of money, of courseImpossible to introduce nothing new on I/OUp. This time the new features are hidden in other apps, such as in Photos. Google Lens can recognize the items in the photos and try to search for the same products as in the photos.

In Chrome, Google can help you complete your shopping. When you open a new tab, Google will display the items you have put in the shopping cart but have not yet checked out in the middle, urging you to complete the purchase quickly. If you really forgot to check out, this is a small reminder, otherwise it might be a bit too straightforward.

At the same time, Google will also cooperate with Shopify, an online shop platform, so that the merchants underneath can be more easily exposed on platforms such as search and YouTube, creating a win-win situation. Finally, Google will also begin to cooperate with some merchants to integrate membership cards into accounts. Google can give you better product recommendations based on what it knows about you.

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