Google adds Gboard input method to Wear OS

Gboard for Wear OS

Gboard for Wear OS

In order to further improve the input experience of Wear OS watches, Google has also launched a dedicated Gboard input method for this platform. Similar to the mobile version of Gboard, Wear OS users can also input through voice, keyboard or gestures. The layout of the QWERTY keyboard will be more suitable for typing than the Wear OS native keyboard, so the input process on the small screen should become easier than in the past.

In addition, Gboard’s input suggestions will still appear in the form of separate cards, and the cards can be swiped, which will be more suitable for the smaller screen of the watch. In terms of language support, as long as the language supported by Wear OS is available in this version of Gborad, you can quickly switch between languages ​​through the shortcut buttons at the bottom of the screen. Not surprisingly, this input method also retains the same emoji function as a mobile phone.

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According to Google’s plan, the Wear OS version of Gboard will be launched in the next few days. At the same time, Google will also release a new version of the firmware, which will increase support for third-party tiles.