Google adds support for COVID-19 virtual vaccine record card on Android system

Google Vaccination card API


Google recently used the “Passes” API in Google Pay,Allow Android phones to concurrently work as virtual vaccine record cards. This API is implemented in the same way as the virtual membership card, allowing local medical institutions or government agencies (depending on who is in charge of the vaccine records in each region) to easily develop a vaccination record card that meets their needs and store it on the user’s mobile phone. on. If you need to check the vaccination situation in the future, it will be much more convenient than carrying a paper card.

Google emphasizes that the vaccine record card is stored in this machine, not in the cloud. In addition to protecting the security of personal information, Google also guarantees that it will not provide this data to a third party or use it for advertising. However, this also means that if you have more than one device, you must reset the vaccine record for each device, and you cannot automatically synchronize between the devices. Once the user has set the card, he can open the card from the shortcut on the main page, even if there is no network, but the device requires Android 5 or higher to use it.

For the time being, the virtual vaccine record card can only be used in the United States, but Google has promised to launch it in more countries in the future.

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