Google Assistant now knows how to find your phone and fill in the payment method for you

Google Assistant


Google Assistant continues to update its functions. The latest update in the spring of 2021 has added a more native AI assistant experience that knows how to find your phone and fill in payment methods for you.

The mobile phone search part is actually more aimed at iPhone users, because in the past, when Google Assitant used the smart speaker to find the mobile phone, it was actually just to help with the phone call. If you have the habit of turning the mobile phone to silent, it is basically useless. However, this time the update will allow the Google Home app to get a deeper level of alarm function, so that even if the iPhone is in silent and do not disturb mode, it can be activated by Google Assistant to sound.

Google has allowed Duplex AI to update the restaurant’s map information in the past, and even reserve seats on the phone. However, in response to the ongoing situation of the epidemic, everyone has switched to delivery services. Users can search for cooperative restaurants through the Google app of the Android device, and after ordering, the AI ​​can automatically fill in the payment information stored in Google Pay and Chrome.

Next comes the new function of Routines. Now users can set Google Home to control the connected smart home devices according to the time of sunrise and sunset. At the same time, there are also some preset options, which are convenient for users to choose. .

Google Duplex for web food order payment checkout screenshots. A set of four screenshots showing the process of ordering from Applebee's Grill and Bar via the Google app on Android.


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