Google blocks a software company that tracks and sells user location information


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according to Motherboard According to the report, Google blocked the SDK from a software development company called SafeGraph, saying that its product collects user location information and resells it for profit. Google is giving seven days to allow developers to remove the SDK, otherwise it will need to be removed due to violation of Google Play Store policy.

SafeGraph’s tool will display user location information, even movement between locations, and can be linked with the owner information of related locations, which can be used toFind out a lot of things.Such powerful tools will naturally attract many customers. According to reports, even CDC and CDCNew York TimesBoth are used. The latter is to use location data to track and report, to see where there are crowds gathering while the epidemic prevention measures are relaxed.

It is said that Google decided to block SafeGraph in June, and they blocked it immediately. Venntel,X-Mode And other similar software companies. It is hoped that this will reduce the possibility of users being tracked secretly and increase the security of personal information.