Google Docs now lets you overlay text before images

Google docs text over image


Google released a series of major changes to Workspace on I/O, but it did not include some more basic editing functions. Today, Google has added one of them, bringing a basic function that most text editing software has for Docs-putting text before or after pictures.

After inserting and clicking the picture, in addition to the original line, wrapping, and text separation arrangement, there are now more options for “Place behind text” and “Place in front of text”. As the name suggests, both options will “separate” the position of the picture from the text, which means that no matter how the text increases or decreases, the position of the picture is fixed. This not only increases the layout options (like the main image), but also allows some imported and exported files to better retain the original layout.

Although Google Docs has been launched for many years, it still feels like the “Spring Edition” of Word in terms of functions alone, and many of the more advanced functions and settings still cannot be replaced. Although this is only a small feature, it means that Google is still considering expanding the basic capabilities of Docs, rather than just adding some “collaboration” functions.

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