Google extends the timetable for returning to the office to January 2022




Following Apple, Google also postponed the timetable for returning to work until next year. CEO Sundar Pichai informed employees that the company will maintain its current work style until January 10, 2022, after which Google will decide when to return to the office. If you decide to enter the office, you will be notified at least 30 days in advance. Google was originally prepared to enter the office for five days a week starting on October 18th, but now it is clear that the Delta virus has caused the epidemic in the United States to rise again, making the original plan can only be shelved.

Google is one of the more stringent companies in responding to the epidemic. In addition to working from home quite early, it also requires all employees to be vaccinated if they want to go back to the office. Although it is better to discuss some jobs face-to-face, under the threat of the epidemic, Google does not dare to take it lightly.