Google has formed an alliance for Android security chips

Android Ready SE

Android Ready SE

Since 2018, Google has installed the Titan M security chip in its Pixel phones. This is a separate from the processor and is responsible for storing encryption and authenticating the operating system. It is generally called a secure element (Secure Element / SE) part. Now Google wants to extend this approach to all Android devices, bringing digital passports and ID cards to other uses.

To this end, Google has joined forces with a group of secure component manufacturerscompositionalliance Android Ready SE Alliance, The purpose is to accelerate the process of widely applying this component to Android devices, and also develop open source kits and pre-made applets.The first applet released is StrongBox, Is a tool for storing encryption keys. Google said in a press release that they believe that SE can provide a new user experience, and the primary goal is to launch car-related products, such as digital car keys and driver licenses.Those who come back in the future may come to the digital passport, or the hotly discussed todayVaccine passport.

What’s even better is that the StrongBox application is not only used by everyone on a mobile phone and tablet, but also on devices such as WearOS, Android Auto, and Android TV that belong to the Android family. As for the response from the industry, Google also mentioned that “several” Android manufacturers are already applying Android Ready SE to their devices.

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