Google launched a series of measures to protect the safety of minors online


YouTube Kids

Chesnot via Getty Images

Google todayPublished a series of measures for YouTube, search and advertising, To protect minors’ online safety. A large part of this is aimed at YouTube and YouTube Kids. The most important one is to automatically make videos uploaded by users between 13 and 17 years old as private. Unless the creator manually sets them as public, they will not be shared by ordinary people. See. In addition, Google has also adjusted some YouTube settings. For example, the rest and sleep time reminders for users aged 13 to 17 are turned on by default, but autoplay is turned off by default. YouTube Kids will also add the auto-play function, which is also turned off by default. Parents can also choose “lock” to turn off the auto-play. Finally, Google will also remove “over-commercialized” content from YouTube Kids, such as videos that “only emphasize product packaging or directly encourage children to spend money.”

In the search section, Google will introduce a new policy to allow any minors under 18 years of age (and their guardians) to request the deletion of personal images appearing in Google image search, and the default is for all users under 18 years of age Turn on safe search. In other applications, Google will turn off location history for users under 18 by default, and will not open it; and it will also open a special area in the Play Store to let parents know which apps comply with Google’s family policy and provide more detailed information. Explain how the collected data is used. Finally, in the advertising part, Google will directly prevent advertisements from being targeted at the age, gender or interests of users under the age of 18.

Google emphasized that they “are working with children, young people, parents, government, industry leaders, and experts in the fields of privacy, child safety, and education to design safer products for children and young people.” On the whole, these changes should make it safer for teenagers to browse the Internet, but after all, parents still need to pay more attention to their children’s Internet habits and not fall into danger.