Google makes it easier to build Android apps for cars


Android For Cars apps


Google is trying to make it easier to develop apps for Android for Cars. The company opened an Android for Cars application library in March to help developers bring navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging-related applications to Android Auto. This library also supports Android Automotive, so developers do not need to spend more resources to ensure that the app can be used on both platforms.

Now many partners, including Chargepoint, Parkwhiz and Plugshare, who have obtained the early preview version of the library, have begun to launch related apps in these three new categories, expanding the original only two media playback and communication software of Android for Cars category. In the future, Google also plans to open Android for Cars to more software categories.

Android Auto needs to use a mobile phone to use the app, while Android Automotive is based on Android and independent of the entertainment system platform in the car. Google said that by the end of this year, there will be more than 10 cars supporting the platform, including vehicles from Volvo, GM and Renault. As the platform becomes more and more popular, it is no wonder that Google wants to help developers expand the app ecosystem.