Google Maps adds five new features including indoor AR navigation


Google Maps


Google is on I/O todayPublished a number of new features of Google MapsAmong them, the most “obvious” is the Live View of AR navigation. Not only Live can now be entered directly from the buttons on the map page, but you can also see nearby shops, landmarks and other information in the virtual world, and you can also identify road names at more complex intersections. If you are on the road, Live View can tell you the location of your hotel, so that you will not get lost in a strange city. In addition, Live View’s indoor navigation will also come to several important airports and transportation hubs within two weeks to help you move in some facilities that are no different from a maze.

Google Maps Area Busyness


Secondly, Google Maps can now analyze how many lanes are on each road in the navigation route and how busy it is currently to determine which routes are the safest and have the least chance of collision with other vehicles. If several calculated routes take the same amount of time, Google will automatically suggest the safest route. The third function is to directly see the current busy area from the map, and expand the busy information originally displayed by individual shops or scenic spots to an entire area. Whether you want to be quiet, or want to get together in a lively place, Google Maps can tell you where you are going.

Google Maps Tailored maps


The fourth is the “detailed map” that first appeared in London, New York, and San Francisco in August last year. It will come to 50 cities around the world including Berlin, Sao Paulo, Seattle, and Singapore. In addition to more precise road widths and separated islands , Even the pedestrian crossing will be drawn. Finally, Google Maps will know how to determine the points of interest displayed according to time, or whether you are traveling. For example, nearby coffee shops will be displayed at 8 o’clock in the morning, and they will be converted into restaurants at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. If you are traveling, it will focus on scenic spots. If you click on one of the points of interest, Google Maps will also display nearby stores of the same nature.

These features are expected to come to the Google maps app for Android and iOS in the next few months.