Google may launch “Pixel Pass” with Pixel 6 to cope with Apple One subscription service

Pixel 6


With the release of the new mobile phone Pixel 6 series, Google’s subscription service may also have some new changes. According to YouTuber M. Brandon Lee According to the statement, Google may take the opportunity of launching a new phone to announce a comprehensive subscription plan for the service called “Pixel Pass.” Conceptually, it is similar to Apple One, allowing buyers of the Pixel 6 series to directly subscribe to services such as Google One, Play Pass, YouTube Music / Premium, and get a longer warranty. In some areas where Google Fi is applicable, mobile network services can also be included in the “Pixel Pass”.

Lee did not mention the specific price of the “Pixel Pass”, but the outflow data he obtained stated that the service would be limited to the United States. However, this may only be Google’s initial plan. If the promotion goes smoothly, the plan should also be expected to cover more markets where related services are available in the future. It is worth mentioning that Lee also learned from other channels that the price of the European Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will start at 649 Euros and 899 Euros, respectively.