Google News resumes in Spain after 8 years of shutdown

The main lobby of the BV200 building on a tour of Google’s new Bayview campus in Mountain View, California, May 16, 2022. (PeterDaSilva / Reuters)

Brussels — Alphabet was forced to pay publishers to use news excerpts by companies and other news aggregators by Spanish rules, so Google in Spain on Wednesday, eight years after the service was shut down. The news has resumed.

Last year, Madrid replaced the European Union’s copyright rules, revised in 2020, with law, allowing the media to negotiate directly with tech giants.

The move prompted an announcement from Google last year to resume Google News the following year.

“Today, on the global 20th anniversary of Google News, and after almost eight years of hiatus, Google News will be back in Spain,” Iberia Vice President Fuensis La Cremares said in a blog post.

She also said the company plans to launch Google News Showcase, a means to pay news publishers in Spain as soon as possible.

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