Google One adds a 5TB-level cloud storage solution




Google’s original choice of cloud storage space is actually not particularly friendly for medium-to-heavy users. After the 2TB of US$10 per month, the next level jumps directly to the 10TB of US$50 per month, making it more than 2TB. A little bit of people will suddenly increase their expenses by as much as 5 times. Fortunately,9to5Google I found Google quietlyAdded a 5TB level, Each month is 25 US dollars (or 250 US dollars a year), so you can have a little breathing room before jumping to 10TB.

Google increased the 5TB point in time, shortly after the end of unlimited high-quality storage, perhaps in the past few months, many heavy camera users complained that their storage space usage exceeded 2TB, and they really didn’t want to pay 10TB. Maybe. Take the main competitor, Dropbox has a 5TB plan, which is US$12.5 a month (that is, an unlimited plan is only US$20); iCloud basically has a maximum of 2TB and a month of US$10; Onedrive has a maximum of 1TB The space is $6 per month, but it includes apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It can be said that the four of them are actually different in terms of users and usage scenarios, and it seems that it is difficult to make a direct comparison.