Google Photos will add more types of “memories”

Google Photos Memories


Most of the new functions of Photos that Google brings to I/O this time revolve around the “memory” function that is automatically selected and combined from the photo library. Memories will usually be sorted out from your photo library according to time (for example, today, five years ago), which AI considers to be the most representative photos, but users do not have much control over the selected memories. . Starting later this summer, users will be able to more easily set to hide photos of specific people or time periods to avoid seeing people they don’t want to see, or recalling past events they don’t want to remember. In addition, you can rename the memory or remove a single photo from the memory.

Google Photos memories


Google will also add two new memories. One is relatively simple, which is to organize photos on a holiday basis; the other is more special, which uses the item recognition capabilities of Google AI to find out if there is one in your photo. Items appear frequently. As long as it appears more than three times, it may be combined into a “topic” by the memory to present it.

In addition, Photos will also launch a password-protected “Locked Folder” function. The photos stored here will not be displayed in the photo library and are suitable for storing private photos or document backups. The locked folder will be launched before the Google Pixel, and will gradually come to more Android devices later this year. In the future, on the Pixel, users can even save photos and videos to the locked folder directly from the camera.

Google photos cinematic moments


Finally, there is a function called “movie dynamic effect moment”. It can use AI to fill in the frame between two very close photos (perhaps two consecutive shots to avoid failure) to create an animation effect between the two photos. It is of course impossible for such a video to be too long, but if you just add a little dynamic effect, it should still be quite good!

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