Google Pixel 6 may use its own processor


Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

Always haveRumorsIt means that Google has developed its own SoC, and now there is more news that it will be applied on the next flagship mobile phone Pixel 6.Because according to 9to5Google In some documents found, it was found that the chip developed by Google under the code name Whitechapel will appear on the Pixel phones to be launched at the end of this year.

Earlier reports said that the Whitechapel, which was developed in cooperation with Samsung, will be applicable to both mobile phones and Chromebook products. In the documents cited by 9to5Google today, it is pointed out that the Google chip is related to the Samsung Exynos chip, and it is also mentioned that the SLSI department of Samsung is responsible.

In addition, 9to5Google also mentioned a number of different names, including Whitechapel’s other internal code name GS101-GS may refer to “Google Silicon”. Another one named “Slider” is believed to be used on other platforms of the Whitechapel SoC, because the name Slider has also appeared in other development cases, specifically, it is considered to be the “Raven” and “Oriole” of Pixel 6. “.

They refused to respond when our main website inquired to Google. However, judging from the trend of today’s technology giants choosing self-developed processors, coupled with the news that Google has such actions, its credibility is quite high. Pixel phones usually launch new products in October, so let’s continue to pay attention.