Google Play Store ratings will show content by region


Google play store comment


I don’t know if you have developed a good habit of looking at the ratings given by other users before downloading the app in the app store. Of course, there may be watering and advertising content, but there is no shortage of real recommendations or criticisms. These can allow everyone to better predict what the user experience will be before downloading the app. From November this year,Google It will also make these ratings more “local”, that is, the Play Store will first display the reviews left by other users in the user’s area. After all, if a foreigner complains that he can’t understand the content of the Chinese app, it’s also funny.

Google also plans to start in early 2022 to categorize comments by device category, such as mobile phones, tablets, folding devices, Chromebooks and watches, so that users can find comments that are more relevant to their own usage. In other words, it is better to anticipate what experience the app you will download will give on your device.

In other words, such a subdivision of regions and devices to improve the scoring system also helps developers to obtain a fairer evaluation. It is also hoped that this will enhance the relationship between developers and users and jointly bring about a better app ecosystem. Right.