Google reportedly deliberately made Android’s privacy settings harder to find


Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Google’s privacy policy was once again put under the spotlight in an antitrust lawsuit in Arizona, USA.according to Insider report, In the lawsuitNewly decrypted filePointed out that when Google tested to make Android privacy settings more conspicuous, it regarded the test results as “problems” and intended to hide the settings deeper in the menu. Not only that, the Arizona prosecutor also accused Google of “successfully exerting pressure” on mobile phone vendors such as LG, and buried the customized version of privacy settings in the depths. Google employees also admitted in the document that it is very difficult to prevent Google from detecting your work or residence, and there is “no way” to bypass Google and only give third-party apps your location.

Google has not yet responded to this, but in the past they have stated that Arizona State Attorneys “misinterpreted” its services and that the company has provided “perfect” location privacy options. Judging from Google’s recent actions, it’s difficult to see that Google has deliberately hidden intentions. Android 12 will add a “approximate location” option and a dedicated privacy settings panel to help users set up faster . However, if the inspector proves that Google did deliberately hide some of the key settings, then the following officials may not be able to deal with it.

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