Google’s anti-competitive practices that do “significant harm” to advertisers and consumers: Publisher Council

The European Publishers Council (EPC) has filed an antitrust allegation against technology giant Google with the aim of breaking its control over publishers and other entities that are part of the vast advertising ecosystem. I submitted it to the meeting.

“It’s time for the European Commission to impose on Google not only to challenge its behavior, but to actually change it, not just the European press, but all advertisers, and finally. It’s an action that continues to do a lot of harm to consumers, in the form of higher prices (including advertising technology costs), fewer options, less transparency, and less innovation, “says EPC’s Christian Van Thillo. The chairman said on February 11th. Press release..

The complaint accused Google of embarking on illegal practices to break competition in online advertising spaces, resulting in 90 to 100 percent market share in the sector.

Google’s advertising program is “full of conflicts of interest” because it represents the seller as well as the buyer of the transaction while operating the auction house and selling its inventory. This advantage is being abused for the benefit of Google itself, and in the process it is harming its customers, the report said.

Google reported revenue of $ 75.36 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 32 percent from last year’s $ 56.90 billion. In the final quarter, $ 61.24 billion was from advertising, and this segment accounted for more than 80% of the company’s total revenue.

EPC claims that Google monopolizes the value chain of advertising technology and imposes high commission rates on at least 30% of all transactions between advertisers and publishers. In addition, Google has “aggressively suppressed” its competitors.

“Competition authorities around the world have discovered that Google limits competition in advertising technology, but Google can avoid minor commitments that do nothing to make a meaningful change in its behavior. “Vantiro said.

“This cannot be continued. The stakes are too high, especially for the future feasibility of funding free and multidimensional press. We call on the Commission to take concrete steps now. It will actually break the bond Google has for all of us. “

The European Commission is already investigating Google’s anti-competitive behavior in the advertising technology business.

Launched in June last year, Google saidDistorted competitionBy limiting access to user data related to advertising purposes by third parties, while reserving such data for their own use.

The EPC hopes that the complaint filed on February 11 will be part of the Commission’s investigation. We urged the Commission to continue the investigation with the highest priority.

The organization expects regulatory agencies to intervene and impose remedies to ensure that effective competitive conditions in the advertising technology sector are reestablished. EPC argued that this would be beneficial to European publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

“Low advertising revenue means less resources for the press to invest in news content, inform the general public, and fulfill their socially important mission of holding powers accountable. Advertisers also pay super-competitive advertising technology fees and can be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for advertised goods and services. Everyone loses, but one Company: For Google, “EPC concludes.

Naveen Athrappully


Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and global events in The Epoch Times.

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