Google’s newly designed Wear OS 3 will only come to a handful of existing smart watches


Wear OS 3


Google on the support siteReleased the upgrade plan for Wear OS 3Not only will it arrive in the middle or the second half of 2022 on the schedule, but there are also very few watches that can be upgraded. The officially listed models are only Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, TicWatch Pro 3 LTE, TicWatch E3, future TicWatch products, and a new generation of devices launched by Fossil before the end of this year (Samsung’s new products are probably announced by themselves?) .This means that almost all existing Wear OS models are not included in the upgrade, but for these other Wear OS products, Google also promised a “new software experience”, such asPrevious Play Store updateTo make the app easier to find.

However, it should be noted that Wear OS 3 is opt-in (Opt-in)-this is because the changes in Wear OS 3 are so big that the watch must be reset to the original factory settings during the upgrade process , So Google certainly can’t force an upgrade. The reset of the watch may not have as much impact as the reset of the phone, but you still have to think twice.

Wear OS 3’s support for old watches is so scarce, which may be related to the trade-off between features and hardware. After all, if you want to sacrifice some functions in order to be able to run on old hardware, it may be undesirable for Google. Regardless of the reason, this means that for most existing Wear OS users, if they want to upgrade, they may only have to buy a new watch.