Goons drag reporter away at live broadcast of Beijing Game Opening Ceremony

NOS / Twitter

NOS / Twitter

The Beijing Winter Olympics Officially underway, but before the opening ceremony ended on Friday, Chinese authorities once again proved to the world that they would not tolerate any kind of free press.

In a special clip from the Dutch broadcaster NOS, you can see one of the reporters in Beijing being hand-handled by a security guard wearing a red armband to cover the game. I can do it. Reporter Sjoerdden Daas tried to continue the broadcast while being grabbed by the guards and yelled at, but NOS decided to return to the studio.

In the post, NOS wrote: [den Daas] He was pulled away from the camera by security guards at a live concert at 12:00 pm at NOS Journaal. Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasingly common reality for Chinese journalists. He was fine and was able to finish the story in a few minutes. “

It’s unclear exactly what Den Darth did to confuse the authorities, but not from within the glamorous Birdsnest Stadium, where the Chinese government was holding an opening ceremony to show off China, but from a dark street corner. The world that may have been reported.

Dutch tabloid Argemen Doug Blood Quoted from NOS Editor-in-Chief Marcel Gelauff The clip says it was a “painful illustration” of how foreign news outlets are treated in China. “Sjoerd has often said that it’s difficult for a Chinese journalist. There is a widespread tendency to limit freedom, which could be even stronger for Corona,” said Gelauff. increase.

Beijing reporter Strict pandemic protocol before and during Their time in the city, including mandatory use of the health monitoring app and daily PCR tests.Some foreigners The journalist was told to leave the cell phone Use a burner at home to prevent Chinese spies from tracking their activities.

A Report from the Chinese Foreign Correspondents Club Foreign journalists have been increasingly threatened domestically in recent years with tactics such as social media trolling, assault, account hacking, visa denials, and nasty proceedings, announced last month. rice field.

More controversy arose within the stadium when Russian President Vladimir Putin held the opening ceremony. Ukrainian team seemed to close their eyes I was parading around the truck.

Putin had about 100,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border and would have certainly recognized that when the Ukrainian team entered the stadium, the camera was likely to point towards him.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping received a one-minute standing ovation when he arrived to see the festival. Early in the day Putin and Xi co-signed the statement It warned the West to move away from Ukraine as NATO’s allies strengthen their defenses in Eastern Europe.

BBC news report The Russian national team (named the Russian Olympic Committee because it banned Russia from defending the national team due to persistent drug misconduct) said, “By now,” when entering the stadium. Had the greatest cheers. “

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