Government Advances Vaccine Passports for UK Nightclubs


The UK Government is promoting plans to require vaccination passports at nightclubs in the UK from the fall.

There was speculation that the government would end the plan under pressure from politicians and the industry.

But on Tuesday, an official spokesman for the Prime Minister said the government’s plans were still in place.

“We have broadly expressed our intention to request vaccination in nightclubs and several other environments, and more details will be announced in the coming weeks,” he said. rice field.

The plan was first announced in July by Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi. Nadim Zahawi immediately said that a negative COVID-19 test was “no longer sufficient.”

The current government’s only obligation regarding vaccination status is stricter quarantine rules for unvaccinated travelers returning from certain countries. However, after November 11th, certified care workers will be required to submit proof of double vaccination or face a bag.

The Nightclub Vaccine Certificate will come into effect in September before that.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Sir Ed Davey said his party was against the plan, but the Labor Party previously called it “expensive, fraudulent, and … unrealistic.”

“As expected, the government has reheated the Covid ID card scheme,” Davey wrote on Twitter.

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Piano Works Club staff are preparing to reopen on July 16, 2021 in Farringdon, London, as part of the relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions. (Alberto Pezzali / AP Photo)

Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester’s Night Live Industry Advisor, said passports would cause “great turmoil” in the industry he said was already struggling.

“It not only encourages a surge in indoor house parties, but is probably less secure in terms of security and monitoring of alcohol consumption,” he said. Business live, “But the current guidance is very open-ended about which operators need to perform the check.

“For example, why should an open-plan nightclub with an outdoor terrace be categorized as less secure than a closed 1,000-person office? The current wording is” large gatherings. ” It is mentioned, but this includes weddings, churches, and even parliaments. ?? “

It’s unclear whether Labor’s criticism of the plan would whiplash members and vote against it.

If so, the government could struggle to get enough votes, and 43 Conservative lawmakers had previously signed a declaration against vaccine passports.

Parliamentarians’ desire for such passports may have diminished further during the summer parliamentary holidays, as the disastrous predictions of the virus surge did not come true and data on the limits of vaccines to prevent infection increased. ..

Studies show that people who receive double vaccination are about one-third more likely to catch the delta mutant. However, once infected, it is likely to be passed on to others.

According to a study published today, 85% of people between the ages of 16 and 24 in the United Kingdom have antibodies to the virus, either by vaccine or innate immunity.

The government has been accused of hanging the prospect of a vaccine certificate to vaccinate more young people against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

However, according to a study by the London School of Economics and Tropical Medicine, the rationale for this carrot and stick may not apply.

Almost 90% of people who are currently vaccinated only once say that if the passport system is introduced, they are more or less likely to receive a second vaccination.

But of the remaining people who said the plan would change their minds, two-thirds said it would make them less likely to have a second jab.

The lead author of this study told Guardians that these percentages would be important when scaling up to the entire population.

PA contributed to this report.

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