Government of Canada Approves Reconciliation with Purdue Pharma for Opioid Addiction


A $ 150 million settlement has been reached with Purdue Pharma of Canada, which covers all states and territories, to recover medical costs associated with the sale and marketing of opioid-based analgesics.

British Columbia Attorney General David Evie said Wednesday that it was the largest settlement of government medical bills in Canada’s history.

The state will represent 40 companies in 2018 on behalf of all federal, provincial, and quasi-state governments to recover medical costs for “misconduct of opioid manufacturers, distributors, and their consultants.” We have filed a class action against more than one pharmaceutical company. “

Eby said the proposed settlement has been accepted by governments across Canada and plans are underway to determine how the funds will be split based on the influence of each state.

“The funds will be used to support the state’s program to combat the opioid epidemic, which we believe Paddie’s actions contributed through their deceptive marketing,” he said. ..

Between 2016 and September 2021, more than 27,000 people died from toxic street drugs nationwide.

“We took this action to recover medical bills and explain where opioid companies are allegedly engaged in deceptive marketing tactics to boost sales.

He said the British Columbia government “promises to proactively file proceedings against other manufacturers and distributors who prioritize profits over people.”

The Attorney General said there are many manufacturers, distributors, and their consultants who remain nominated in the proceedings.

“And they signal by this reconciliation that we are actively pursuing them.”

An application to grant a class action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia is scheduled for fall 2023.

The government said it could open the door to further reconciliation to recover medical costs.

Canadian press