Government of Canada Suspends Vaccine Obligations on Travel and Work

The federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine requires unvaccinated Canadians to be banned from flying and working as civil servants, ministers said Tuesday.

The RMCP and Federal Regulatory Department obligations will also be lifted for the foreseeable future.

Intergovernmental minister Dominic LeBlanc said the measure was effective, but not permanent.

“I will never regret having acted cautiously,” LeBlanc said at a news conference, warning that removing mandates would not have an immediate effect on reducing airport delays.

Transport Minister Omar Argabra said the cruise ship’s crew and traveler duties would be maintained. He said people are in the same place for a long time and need action.

This move takes place in the last few weeks of increasing pressure from various sectors to lift restrictions.

The tourism and travel industry has repeatedly called on the government to lift travel restrictions because airport bottlenecks are causing major delays.

Not only conservatives, but a few opposition Liberal Party lawmakers have stated that COVID-19’s obligations need to be removed.

The Tories have introduced a motion to abolish the obligation of vaccines defeated in the house.

“We instructed the government to maintain legacy health restrictions and assault on mobility rights,” said Melissa Lantzmann, a Conservative MP and House of Commons traffic commentator, when she submitted a motion to remove it. I couldn’t find anyone. ” May 19th mission.

“It guides us to this side of the house to believe that there is no evidence, no metrics, and no good reason, other than the ideological motivation to punish those who disagree with the government.”

The Liberal Party campaigned with the promise of imposing mandates during the 2021 campaign, which they did shortly after winning the September 20 election.

In transportation, obligations apply to planes, trains, and some vessels since October 30, 2021. Vaccine obligations are also imposed on public services and federal regulated workplaces.

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