Governor-general begins tour of Nunavik conference with local civil servants in Kuujjuaq

Governor Mary Simon will begin a tour of the Nunavik region of northern Quebec today by meeting with Mayor Kuujjuaq and local officials such as the Council, Kativik Regional Government, Board of Education and Health and Social Services Commission.

Simon and her husband, Whit Fraser, also stop at the Calmac site of the Isal Civic Recovery Center, a traditional Inuit residence. There you will learn that the facility is focused on regaining the Inuit identity and culture through its connection to the land.

Founded in 1994, the center offers addiction and trauma treatment programs that incorporate traditional Inuit values.

The service was provided free of charge to people in the 14 Nunavic communities who were beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, known as Canada’s first modern treaty, and Simon worked on negotiations and implementation.

Throat singing and other cultural presentations will be held throughout the day, ending with discussions at the city hall with local school students and a visit to the elder’s house.

Simon’s visit to northern Quebec is the first time she has returned to the area where she was born since she was appointed adjutant in July 2021.

Sarah Ritchie

Canadian press


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