Governor Kemp faces the next test from Georgia’s Trump supporters

Atlanta (AP) — Georgia’s new voting law review reconnects with hardline conservatives angry that Republican officials didn’t help overturn former President Donald Trump’s defeat last November Governor Kemp’s efforts have begun. But the new Republican legislation hasn’t softened the most enthusiastic Trump supporters.

The next measure of their anger, and Kemp 2022, as many Republican committees across Georgia are considering proposals to blame the governor for not overturning President Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia. The position to seek re-election of the year will come on Saturday. The county tournament takes place the day after Kemp depicts the challengers of the first 2022 primary, after months of overcoming Trump’s wrath.

“It doesn’t matter what Kemp does,” said conservative activist Debbie Dooly, who is helping to lead the blame effort. “The grassroots are angry.”

For now, Kemp remains a clear favorite for winning the second party nomination. His only announced opponent was a former Democratic state legislature who sought the Republican spotlight by supporting Trump’s reelection bid and accepting the former president’s false allegations that the 2020 elections were fraudulent. I ’m Vernon Jones, a member of the Diet.

Meanwhile, Kemp took advantage of Georgia becoming the first Republican-run state to adopt a new voting procedure aimed at strengthening rules on absentee ballots. The governor doubled his position in corporate criticism and the decision to move the Major League Baseball summer All-Star game from Georgia.

According to Kemp, big companies were “feared” of “awakened liberals” and “cultural cancellations.”

This was enough to win praise from some Republicans, especially in the suburban Cobb County, where the Atlanta Braves would have hosted the All-Star game. Still, the blame push hasn’t disappeared.

Two counties in northern Georgia approved the accusations last week. Dooly said activists had talked with Republicans in dozens of other counties supporting the accusations of Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger, and Deputy Governor Geoff Duncan. She said that if half a dozen counties chose to blame, they would consider it a victory.

This is only part of Georgia’s 159 counties, but the potential fallout is enough that Kemp’s allies have been working on the local Republican class to soar the resolution.

Ryan Mahony, Kemp’s top campaign adviser, said the strategy was “to grassroots activists, he was the champion of life for economic growth and opportunities, increased access to health and now leads the fight against the cancellation culture. It’s about reminding you of what you’re doing. “

Jones offered a different rating for the governor on Friday when he launched the 2022 campaign.

“You saw me standing right next to Donald Trump like you. I’m more for you and our elections than with the governor and all RINOs together, and We did a lot as a conservative battle for America first, “Jones said. RINO is an acronym for “Republican inname only”.

Trump does not indicate whether he supports Jones.

Jones also repeated Trump’s attacks that Republicans had sacrificed the White House for Kemp’s refusal to overturn the November elections, and Kemp’s inaction was the Republican’s two US Senate elections in January. He brought in a vote and added that the Democratic Party had complete control of Capitol Hill.

People close to Kemp see Jones’ candidacy as perhaps the best kind of major challenge for incumbents.

With Jones’ attention, Kemp can raise money and make his claim to conservatives who may not be interested in other ways. However, Jones argues that he will not come to face other people that Trump’s supporters have urged him to do, especially the same established, high-profile, conservative identity as former lawmaker Doug Collins. There is.

However, Kemp’s allies have acknowledged dissatisfaction within the Republican base and recognize that the re-election of the governor is not just about winning the nomination. It may also rely on emerging from Primary in an intact Republican coalition to win a competitive general election.

The counties that have already blamed Kemp—Murray and Whitfield—show risks.

Trump won 70% of the votes in Whitfield last November. Kemp gained an even bigger share in 2018 with 72%. Nevertheless, the resolution of condemnation passed 34-2. In neighboring Marie County, Kemp’s 84% ​​voting share in 2018 exceeded Trump’s 82% in November. Republicans in Murray have adopted praise accusations, which means there are no recorded votes.

The turnout surge in small towns and rural areas of Kemp in 2018 surpassed Trump’s turnout in less populated counties and was needed to defeat Democratic Stacey Abrams with only 55,000 of the 4 million votes. did. Trump was slightly depressed, losing Georgia to Biden with about 12,000 votes out of a cast of 5 million people.

And with the defeat in the Senate in January, former Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler were both considered to have insufficient loyalty to Trump due to the narrow slices of the Conservatives, but Trump. Even less than the support of. And the state-wide shortage was wider than Abrams’ deficit for Kemp in 2018.


Contributed by Associated Press reporter Jeff Amy.

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