Governor Kevin Stitt’s firearm was found along with his drunken underage prosecution

Authorities found Gov. Kevin Stitt’s underage son drunk and in possession of multiple firearms outside Guthrie’s business last month, according to the Logan County Sheriff’s case report, but no arrests were made. I wasn’t even summoned.

Deputies were called to Guthrie’s haunted house on Oct. 31 after someone reportedly “found firearms” in the parking lot, according to reports. After the box was discovered, the governor’s 20-year-old son, John Drew Stitt, approached the deputy and said the box belonged to him.

Stitt also said he was intoxicated with alcohol and that one of the pistols belonged to his father.

“[Stitt’s]speech was slurred and his pupils were dilated,” the report said. This was first reported by KOKH.

The governor’s office did not immediately provide comment.

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The Logan County Sheriff’s Office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Officers interrogated four other occupants of the black Dodge Ram that Stitt said was in. An agent reported that “the smell of alcoholic beverages was coming from the car… (and) also emanating from their person.” No arrests were made.

“He then called his father and asked him to come get his gun because he was clearly intoxicated and underage,” the deputy recorded in the report.

Stitt’s mother spoke with the agent on the phone and told him that members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol were coming to Guthrie to retrieve the firearms.

State troopers reportedly allowed one of the occupants, who appeared not to be intoxicated, to drive the truck to Stillwater and followed it.

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The person who first reported the box of firearms that was found said someone in Stitt’s truck “threw the can out of the car and hit his car,” according to reports.

In addition to the four firearms found in the box, authorities found a rifle under the back seat of the Dodge Ram truck.

A lieutenant reportedly seized the alcohol from the truck and turned it over as evidence to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

This article was originally published in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s son found drunk with gun