Governor of Arkansas pushes Biden to have a policy that allows people to live with COVID-19

At a meeting of the American Governor’s Association hosted by President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday, Arkansaw Governor Asa Hutchinson urges Biden to promote the CDC on standards that make it easier for people to live with COVID-19. did. “We want to go more normal from today.”

Video transcript

Asa Hutchinson: I would also like to thank you for your clarity about keeping the school open. Your voice was important from a national point of view. Our school is open to teaching in the classroom and we appreciate its clarity. As I can tell you today, the CDC is needed to end this pandemic and establish appropriate criteria for transitioning to a more endemic condition. And that is an important factor as Governor in a bipartisan way that we hope the CDC will help define it more clearly. I want to go more normally from today.