Governor of Idaho accuses Vice Governor of “abuse of power” over banning mask obligations while Vice Governor is away

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Virus Outbreak Idaho Maskman Date Ban

(Aidaho Statesman)

Is Governor of Idaho Turned off Executive order The day after the vice-governor issued a ban Coronavirus Her actions are described as a tyrannical abuse of power and a “selfish political stunt.”

Governor Brad Little When the Governor of Idaho was attending a meeting of the Republican Governor’s Association in Nashville, Republican Deputy Janice McGeachin, despite never mandating masks throughout the state in Idaho. Overturned the governor’s order.

McGeetin has a far-right view and has sought to undermine Little’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, she issued an executive order ending local mask obligations in schools and public buildings.

Little has never issued a state mask order, but encourages widespread use of masks. At the local level, counties, cities and schools have their own mask obligations, many of which have been unmasked as the number of vaccinated people in Idaho has increased.

Two counties and 10 cities are still ordering masks.

Little explained why he canceled McGeetin’s orders on Friday.

“I’ve been against state-wide mask orders because I don’t think top-down mandates change behavior like individual choices,” Little said in a statement.

He said he opposed this move.

“But as your governor, with regard to masks, under the law of the state of Idaho, separately elected officials who are empowered to take steps that they believe will protect the health and safety of the people they serve. I didn’t weaken it, “he said. Said.

McGeetin did not notify the governor of plans to cancel the mask order.

The governor blamed her order.

“Simply speaking, acting alone on the earliest opportunity without consulting with local jurisdictions, legislators or the incumbent governor on highly political and polarized issues,” said Little. “It’s an abuse of power.” “This kind of overkill presidential decree is equivalent to oppression. We are all against it. Over the months, monopoly politics, overkill and power of management. How ironic is the action from the person who has complained about the balance of the? “

Ms. McGeetin counterattacked in a Twitter post defending her actions.

“We understand that protecting individual freedom means fighting oppression at all levels of government, state and locality,” she wrote. “Making your own health decisions is a divine right, and no state, city, or school district has the power to infringe your inviolable rights.”

The governor pointed out that if her orders remained intact, vulnerable people could have been at risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

“This is why you do your homework, vice-governor,” he said.

Little has been the target of far-right lawmakers who criticize his treatment of the coronavirus. When a state hospital was overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, the governor issued a temporary home order in March 2020.

Lockdowns have given healthcare facilities time to manage the influx of patients and obtain the PPE needed to protect their staff.

Nonetheless, state conservatives tried to pass a ban on mask mandates, but that effort failed.

“I’m always hesitant to get involved in political tactics, especially when I’m sure I’ve achieved the simultaneous goal of protecting both life and life,” Little said. “I don’t like trivial politics. I don’t like political stunts more than the rule of law. There is. “

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