Governor of Maine believed that Trump was “memory weak” during a phone call complaining about George Floyd’s protest.

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US Defense Secretary Mark Esper (left), President Donald Trump (center), and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley (right) meet with senior military leaders in the White House’s Cabinet Office on October 7. Wait for. 2019.BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP via Getty Images

  • Trump made a rather unusual call with the Governor of the United States in June 2020, according to the following book.

  • In the call, Trump called on the governor to show control in the face of Floyd protests.

  • According to the book, Maine Governor Janet Mills said he thought Trump was causing “memory weakness.”

After the death of George Floyd, who was detained by Minneapolis police in May 2020, millions of Americans went out to the streets to protest his way. killed Calling for greater attention to criminal justice reform across the United States.

However, Trump was not keen on protesting Floyd’s death and emphasized that he needed to call the governor to show a show of power over activities that are becoming part of the public conversation. Future books According to New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burnes.

Martin and Burns said in a conversation with the then governor in June 2020 in the book “This Doesn’t Pass: The Battle for the Future of Trump, Biden, and America.” The governor said: -The president seemed to have “memory weakness.”

“If George Floyd’s murder pushed Biden into a mode of more active campaign, it seemed to have caused something else entirely in Trump,” Martin and Burns wrote. “The president seemed tired, feeling like a victim of his uncontrollable forces. He wanted to take responsibility, and he made the public aware that he was responsible. I wanted you to know. “

On a June call with the Governor, Trump was joined by Attorney General Bill Barr and then Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Martin and Burns wrote that it was “immediately obvious” to the leader that they would attend the meeting unlike any other.

“We barbarized racial justice protesters across the country as’terrorists’, and Trump demanded an accurate’retaliation’, while demanding a quick return to public order and morals,” Martin and Burns wrote. rice field. “Esper, a West Point graduate and former Raytheon executive who was pushed down, advised the governor that he should aim to” dominate the battlefield “in the state. It doesn’t move fast enough. “

They continued. “The executives were shocked. At the Governor’s residence in Salem, Oregon, Democratic Governor Kate Brown called her husband in a nearby room. I have to hear what this guy is saying.”

According to Martin and Burns, she added, “I can’t make this a shit. I can’t believe this is happening in the United States.”

Janet Mills, the Governor of the Democratic Party of Maine, now in his first term, was sitting in her office in Augusta’s State House on the phone and was amazed at the tone of Trump’s conversation.

According to Martin and Burns, Mills called in guards to hear the president at the time.

“I think the US president has a memory weakness or something, so I have to sit here and listen to this, and that’s scary,” she said at the time.

Later that day, Trump, along with General Mark Milley, Esper, and several other advisers, walked from the White House complex to the nearby Anglican Church of St. Johns.

The Now notorious photographyAfter the protesters were violently expelled from Lafayette Square, the president showed that he had the Bible in front of the church, which quickly gained criticism.However, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior Decision In June 2021, US park police and secret services did not clean up the park to take pictures of Trump, but installed anti-scale fences.

Trump’s representative did not immediately return the insider’s request for comment.

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