Governor of Mississippi confuses many with proclaiming both Navy Heritage Month and Massacre Awareness Month in April

The Governor of Mississippi has declared April to be both the Navy’s Heritage Month and the Massacre Awareness Month.

Governor Tate Reeves unpacked the Genocide Awareness Month as a time to look back on “the systematic destruction of life,” stating that “society has no place,” but the devastating American slavery. I neglected to mention a species-based system or near destruction. Percentage of Native Americans by white colonists in the country.

Governor Tate Reeves (Press Conference Screen Grab)

Governor Tate Reeves (Press Conference Screen Grab)

Supreme Government officials in Magnolia have also declared Navy Heritage Month as a time to recognize the history of the Civil War. This is a tradition started by its predecessor in 1993.

“April is the month when the Civil War began between the South and North Armies in 1861, and is reportedly the most costly and deadly war ever fought in the United States. It was, “Leaves read from the declaration.

“To honor everyone who died in the war, all Americans look back on the past of our country, gain insights from our mistakes and successes, and fully understand the lessons of yesterday and today. It is important. If we strive to carefully and seriously understand and appreciate our heritage and our opportunities in front of us, please carry us until tomorrow, “the Governor said. Continued in.

At a press conference on April 8th, when he presented his declaration, Reeves was asked by a local reporter about his decision.

The seemingly rebellious Reeves replied: And I did it this year as well. I didn’t think this year was the year to stop it. “

Despite Reeves’s allegations, one voice quickly disagreed, suggesting that Reeves was misleading.

Ray Mabus, a former Mississippi Governor of the Democratic Party from 1988 to 1992 and one of the last five governors, said he had never supported the initiative, saying, “I’m against Governor Reeves. The question was signed by five governors. It is incorrect. “

He further tweeted a contempt for the declaration that “as far as I know, the only legacy of the South Army is slavery and treason.”

In the second proclamation, Reeves specifically identified the next genocide from three of the seven continents that began in the early 20th century. Armenia (1913). Ukraine’s Holodomor (1932); Holocaust (1941); Cambodia (1972); Bosnia (1992); Rwanda (1994); and Darfur (2003).

Note, in part, that genocide is “a systematic destruction of all or important parts of race, ethnicity, religion, or national groups …”.

Not surprisingly, Reeves’ double proclamation aroused the wrath of not only politicians but also everyday citizens.

A local reporter tweeted that Reeves avoided asking whether “he believes there is a contradiction between declaring April as a heritage month for the South Army and a genocide consciousness month.”

Others wondered where America’s true sin lies. “So did you forget about Native Americans and all the blacks we sent to do slave labor?” Read one tweet.

“You forgot about the American massacre. Like all of them.” Read another article.

The Mississippi Director of the Southern Mississippi Poverty Law Center statement“It’s a shame that the governor chose to praise the South Army. This is the government of traitors who fought the United States for the right to enslave blacks.”

Many have pointed out that the Governor’s announcement comes in the aftermath of the state’s signature. Very contested In the critical race theory of March 14, he called the CRT a curriculum of indoctrination created to “humiliate” whites.

“There is no systematic racism in America,” Reeves said in Fox News. When he signed the bill, “students forced an unhealthy amount of progressive fundamentalism that violated America’s founding principles. Has been given to. ” The CRT is taught at the K-12 level.

“Children are dragged into the classroom and forced to declare themselves oppressors,” he continued. “They should feel guilty for their race, or they are essentially victims for their race.”