Governor of Nevada and his wife were accused at a restaurant by a man screaming “racist threat”

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Governor of Nevada and his wife Accused Then, chased from a restaurant in Las Vegas on Sunday, two men, one of whom was a right-wing “digital creator,” shouted blasphemous words and intimidation.

In a statement, Steve Sisolak said the man shouted a “racist threat” to his wife, Kathy Sisolak, a Chinese heritage.

Sisolaks planned to meet her daughter at the restaurant. They were not accompanied by guards.

A cell phone video posted on social media showed a man in a red T-shirt reading “Cannabis and Combat” and asking Sisolak for a photo. The man began to insult him while posing with his arms crossed around the governor.

The man was identified by the press as follows: Justin Andersch, “Digital Creator” who posts an anti-government right-wing conspiracy theory on a blog called Cannabis and Combat.Las Vegas Sun report Andersch admitted that he added Sisolaks to his podcast.

“Punk, huh, where is your security?” Andersch heard in a video pointing his cell phone at Steve Sisolak’s face.

The governor tried to leave. When Kathy Sisorak joined him, Andersch said:

Recently, several hate crime suspicions have been reported in Las Vegas and Nevada. Last augustOfficials elected in the provinces of Nye County declarationWithout evidence, Kathy Sisorak had a Chinese family who was profiting from selling products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time, Sisorak said, “Cathy and I have worked hard with many others to combat anti-Asian racism caused by false information about Covid-19. It just retreats us. “

On Sunday, a second man also kicked Sisorak and his wife out of the restaurant, shouting that the governor was hanged.

“We should now string you with a streetlight pillar,” Anders said. “You are now encountering a patriot.”

In the parking lot, Ashley Sisorak, daughter of Sisorak, a lawyer and public defender, rushed to her parents.

“I’m going to leave you alone now because your daughter is with you,” Anders said.

Nevada police have confirmed that they are aware of the incident at the restaurant and are investigating it.

In a statement, Sisolak said:

“I was very disappointed with the words used to talk about how the case unfolded, especially about the legacy of Mrs. Kathy Sisorak,” said Governor Megin Delaney, a spokesman for Shiorak. rice field.