Governor of Oregon Revives Obligation for Outdoor Masks, Regardless of Vaccination Status


OGovernor Kate Brown announced on Tuesday that masks will be required in public outdoor spaces starting Friday, regardless of vaccination status.

“Delta variants are expanding rapidly, pushing our state to a level of crisis not yet seen in a pandemic,” Brown said. Said.. “Masks have proven to be effective in reducing the number of cases and are now a necessary step in some outdoor environments to combat COVID and protect each other.”

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NS Risk of being caught COVID-19 Outdoors are very low. Nevertheless, delta variants have been shown to spread more easily than previous strains, including the original strain of the virus that caused the pandemic.

“People with the Delta variant are much easier to infect others around them than those who were ill last year,” said state health officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger. “This is because there are 1,000 times more virus in the nose, which means that the behavior of this variant is so different that it is much more likely that people around you will get sick.”

The masking rules that come into effect this Friday do not apply to rapid interactions between people in different households. People in large outdoor gatherings, such as sporting events, who are not easily separated from each other, need to wear masks. People attending private gatherings at home are not subject to the requirement, but the Oregon Department of Health said masking is highly recommended.

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This requirement allows for some exemptions. Children under the age of 5, performers giving speeches and concerts, athletes playing competitive sports, and those eating and drinking do not need to wear masks in public outdoors. Brown didn’t say when the masking rule would be lifted, Record breaking Hospitalizations and cases in the state suggest that the requirements remain valid for some time.

“Cases and hospitalizations are record high,” Brown said. “The combination of vaccine and mask is the most powerful way to combat this latest COVID-19 surge and save lives.”

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