Governor who kept me from seeing my mother before Kevin Strickland died, a great job


Well done, Mike Parson.. you too, Eric schmidt.. The war on your common dignity is very spectacular when Kevin Strickland’s mother, 85-year-old Rosetta Sabana Sawton, died this week with her son (a “virtually innocent” son) by her side. I won such a victory.

Strickland, a 62-year-old man in Missouri, told the star in May that he had served for 43 years in a prosecutor, a real guilty party, and a triple murder that all evidence says he did not commit. Seeing her mother again before she died was his top priority..

She suffered from dementia and he wasn’t sure if she would recognize him. But when was that the point in the history of saying goodbye to mothers, sons, and goodbyes? “Slow down the freeway,” Strickland told her once released three months ago. “I got there.”

“He knew she was very ill,” Strickland lawyer Robert Hoffman said on Tuesday. “He wanted to leave early enough to see her while she was alive. It’s just a tragic situation.”

And Rosetta Sawton is even more tragic because the only reason Strickland died without holding his hand was that Missouri Governor Mike Parson and Attorney General Eric Schmidt confirmed it. ..

On May 10, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker stood in front of God and 100 camcorders and apologized for “a serious mistake that needs to be corrected now.” The proceedings against Strickland were “thin from the beginning” and had not melted at all for a long time. But we’ve done it all, and the person isn’t interested in the details.

Rather, you do not run the risk of doing something that is compassionate. Or even let an illegal conviction escape without a fight.

First, he said forgiving Strickland was not a priority, and thousands of people were lined up in front of him.

Then the governor said he was not convinced of Strickland’s innocence. “I’m not sure I’m willing to put other people at risk if you’re not right,” he said. Nor was he willing to meet people who knew all the nuances of the case and answer any particular concerns or questions he might have.

More than three months after the person should have pardoned Strickland, he didn’t, and wouldn’t.

Schmidt, who is running for Roy Blunt’s US Senate, went a step further. His office claims that Strickland was undoubtedly guilty and “worked to avoid liability” for the murder since he was sent out as a teenager.

Neither of these gentlemen seems to be worried about the risk that he is wrong by assuming that everyone else is wrong about Kevin Strickland.

Have you ever thought he was trying to avoid liability? Are you stealing a person’s life and working hard to make it stay that way?

Do you wonder if the last separation of parents and children who are currently in wheelchairs has far more serious consequences than those who continue to be tough male heroes at Republican bases? ?? I’m guessing no.

But when Kevin Strickland is free, and yes, he will. They can tell voters without fear of the contradiction that they weren’t because they gave him a few hints of humanity. And the rest of us remember it too.