Governor’s immigration bus strategy hits the mayor

New York (AP) — Two Republican border governors, investing billions of dollars in immigration law enforcement and spending hours on the Biden administration’s policy to blow up the podium, from two unlikely sources Found indirect support for their argument: Muriel Bowser, Democratic Mayor of Washington, and Eric Adams of New York.

The mayor’s recent overture to federal aid has responded to Texas and Arizona moving immigrants away from the border.

City leaders have strongly criticized the government. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona said their money demands were in the United States, even though Adams said on Tuesday that the two states were paying to go to immigrants. New York strengthened the governor’s story about immigrants who put an extraordinary burden on the community.

Washington Mayor Bauser said asylum seekers were “fooled” on a free bus that wasn’t close enough to their final destination, and many remained at Union Station near the US Capitol and the White House. Say there is.

“This is a very important issue,” Bowser told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Bowser, which is under pressure to provide financial support, says it is seeking help from the federal government. The city council told the mayor last week that the volunteer group was “burned out and overwhelmed.”

“Now that the border has reached DC, it is our responsibility to respond to that moment.” Members of the council wrote, He also accused Abbott and Ducey of “not respecting those exercising human rights seeking asylum.”

Republicans, who have been keenly criticizing the White House, barely contained their delight.

“Mayor Bowser seems to be beginning to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a border community under #BidenBorderCrisis,” wrote a Republican member of the House Homeland Security Commission. “You don’t feel good, right?”

Ducey said he had seized Adams’ false statement that Arizona had sent immigrants to New York by bus and sent them only to Washington.

“The security of our country depends on it, so Mayor Adams needs to straighten his facts and pay more attention to what’s really happening,” he wrote on Twitter.

White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that the administration was investigating the mayor’s concerns. “It’s shameful that some governors use immigrants as a political tool and as a political play,” she said.

Texas has voluntarily sent more than 6,000 immigrants since mid-April, claiming that Abbott has cast himself as Biden’s counterweight for immigrants, claiming that “all American communities are border communities.” I sent it to Washington by bus.

Abbott’s bus is just one of the factors that is increasingly actively expanding his immigration enforcement power into the traditional territory of the US government. Abbott arrested immigrants this month and allowed state forces to return them to the US-Mexico border. Texas has spent more than $ 3 billion on state funding for large security agencies without stopping the flow of immigrants.

Arizona says it has sent 1,151 migrants to Washington by bus since May. One in four nominated New York as their destination, one in five said New Jersey, and many went to Georgia or stayed in Washington.

Border patrols stopped immigrants nearly 193,000 times in June. First decline After increasing 4 times in a row every month. These numbers have remained close to the highest levels in 20 years and show how little impact bus rides have on the overall migration flow.

According to the United Nations human rights institution, the United States has been the world’s largest destination for asylum seekers since 2017, a daunting challenge that has plagued Biden and his predecessors Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Pandemic-related rules deny the opportunity for asylum to many migrants in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but as is known, Title 42 is unevenly applied. Tens of thousands You will be released monthly on humanitarian parole or with a notice of appearance in an immigration court.

Adams says New York has experienced a “rapid increase” in asylum seekers entering about 2,800 shelters in recent weeks in a city with a legal obligation to provide quality assistance to the poor. increase. He sought an investigation into whether other states were sending asylum seekers to New York.

In New York City, asylum seekers are seeking shelter equipment as they seek an economic foundation.


Lee reported from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The report was contributed by AP correspondent Elliot Spagat of San Diego, Paul Weber of Austin, Texas, and Bobby Caina Calvan of New York.