Grace Kelly’s granddaughter appears on Chanel’s horse

Paris (AP) —Tuesday, at Chanel’s notable haute couture show, a giant spinning wheel, “floating” wooden blocks, and suspended geometry floated above a surreal mini-gold course. ..

Even Pharrell Williams, who is familiar with the elaborate set, had to take some time to stock up before posing next to the white 3m (yard) tires.

This sublime and avant-garde decoration is the work of Guzavievayyan, and it is the first time in history that Chanel has outsourced staging to a contemporary artist.

The pictures of the horseback riding given to the guests when they filtered were hints of what was to come. But no one expected that Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco and the granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, would appear out of nowhere on a real racehorse.

Here are some highlights of the second day of the Spring / Summer 2022 Haute Couture show in Paris.

Chanel Seeds Brings Spring Aesthetics

When a celebrity guest took a photo, the beautiful beast and its VIP rider, of course, wore a black chanel tweed sequin jacket and showed off to the gasping and hoofing symphony around the Grand Palais Femea auditorium. started.

The horse seemed to enjoy 15 minutes of fame, trotting easily, entering and exiting 1920s and 1930s constructivist installations, roaming in sand and imitation grass, and then jumping out into the canter around the set. ..

Chanel designer Virginie Viad said that the background of the art is not just a decoration, but a creative starting point for the collection.

“These geometries wanted contrast, great lightness, and lots of freshness. It’s an airy dress that floats as if it’s hanging,” she said. ..

Thus, Chanel has created a relatively simplified aesthetic of spring, combining tweed, a minimalist touch, a clean curved peplum, and lots of white. The big theme of this season was the split leg of the thick three-quarter length skirt, which became a silhouette with many swags when the model walked.

The pink tweed jacket with white stripes has beautiful loose proportions and perfectly captures the spirit of suppressing femininity. It was the best work in the show. Still, the 47-look collection sometimes seemed lackluster and at the expense of its own constraints.

Alexima Bille flowers and insects

Single butterfly earrings. It was the most delicate leitmotif for the acclaimed French designer, who created an organic display by incorporating the shape and texture of butterfly wings and petals.

The silhouette is truncated or widened with a silk swoosh that resembles an opening flower. Or was it a butterfly that came out of the cocoon?

In any case, the organic feel has permeated the 26 couture designs.

A white silk train that swirls majestically from the bottom of a thin bustier corset with vein-like embroidery lines. Elsewhere, pleated silk hung beautifully from a pink halterneck gown, evoking delicate wrinkles on the wings.

A black lace hood hung on a model’s head as if in mourning. She may have been a black widow spider.