Graham accuses Biden of playing “race cards” over Georgia’s electoral reform law

Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) accused President Joe Biden of playing a “race card” in a newly enacted law aimed at improving the integrity of Georgia’s elections on Sunday.

“You know what is sick [to] Let the President of the United States continue to play race cards in such a hypocritical way, “Graham said. Fox news Sunday..

“He said filibuster is a relic of Jim Crow’s time. Well, when he was a senator, he suggested that filibuster was the best thing for the senator to change it, an hour. Gave a speech [to] House. “

Graham responded to a question from host Chris Wallace on page 95 on Georgia law (pdf) Passed by the Republican majority House and Senate on March 25.

The bill passed the State Capitol with 100-75 votes and the Legislature with 34-20 votes, and the Democratic Party did not support reform measures.

Republican-led reforms were to ensure accessible but fair votes, including requiring a photo or state-approved ID to mail an absentee ballot. The law also requires secure dropboxes to be placed within early voting sites and constantly monitored, expanding early voting throughout the state to address Democratic key concerns.

The 2021 Election Integrity Act, which is a law, also shortens the election cycle for final voting from nine weeks to four weeks and requires a minimum of one week early voting before the election date.

Biden at his first solo press conference on March 26 Criticized the law As “a blatant attack on the Constitution and conscience”.

“It adds strict restrictions on absentee ballots, which effectively deny the right to vote for countless voters. And providing water to voters while waiting in line is a crime. It’s a line created by Republican officials themselves by disproportionately reducing the number of voting stations across the state to black neighborhoods. “

He named the law “21st Century Jim Crow” and referred to the Jim Crow Law, which enforced racism in the South.

“It must be done. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act,” Biden said. “I’m worried about how non-American this whole initiative is. I’m sick, I’m sick.”

Graham responded by telling Fox News: “Every time a Republican does something, we are racists.

“they [Democrats] Use the racist card to advance the liberal agenda, and we’re sick of it. HR 1 is sick, not what we are doing in Georgia, “Graham said of the Democratic-led election reform bill.

Biden called on Congress to pass Democrat-led HR1 —For people’s law— A bill aimed at federalizing and making many of the election reforms adopted as temporary measures in 2020 in response to the CCP virus pandemic.

Democrats say the provision sheds light on “dark money,” and Republicans say the bill’s transparency requirements violate the right to free speech and open up political donors to revoke culture.

The president said he would sign the bill when it arrived at his desk.

The Epoch Times contacted the White House for comment.

Janita Kan and Mark Tapscott contributed to this report..