Graham didn’t have the business to call GA on behalf of the “painful loser.”

Graham went too far

I was wondering when Senator Graham would be summoned. I didn’t realize it was from Georgia’s research, but it makes sense. He was known to have called the official Brad Rafence Purger in the GA election once or twice about the status of mail voting in the Georgia elections.

I understand that Senator Graham’s lawyer states that Senator is within his parameters in doing so, but I ask you not. Senator Graham does not represent Georgia. He represents South Carolina. I have also voted for him in the past. He didn’t have the business to make those calls at the request of a painful loser.

This was when the senator went too far due to a vacancy in the former president. John McCain would not have advised this.

Betsy Russell, Colombia

Busy educational race

I disagree with some of her views on children’s education, but because she didn’t have the required master’s degree at the time of enrollment, Ellen Weaver’s legal qualifications on the education supervisor’s ballot I have doubts Candidate for the office.

For example, Lexington County citizens and residents are eligible and allowed to run for office in Richland County based on a statement that she will move and live in Richland County prior to the election. I don’t think. Day.

It sets a bad precedent and can be a matter for court decisions.

Edward L. Grimsley, Colombia

Fight polls

It is inscribed in history on June 24, 2022, as the day when the US Supreme Court deprived women of their right to control the body.

Yes, people are angry with the Roe v. Wade decision, but we can’t give in to that anger. We must use our energy to take action and fight judicial misunderstandings and legislative deficiencies.

We marched to show the disapproval of the judgment and the subsequent bill to impose penalties on women and doctors.

Now we have to go to polls.

The battle must continue in parliament and court and will continue, but the poll battle must also be won. Replacing currently elected civil servants with women and those who respect women’s rights can only be achieved by eliminating all voters who support the right of women to control their bodies. We must eliminate policy makers who are willing to forgive women’s lives, physical independence, and the devastating loss of livelihoods of shy people.

We encourage everyone who understands this to stand and fight with us. I can’t stop just because I’m tired of fighting. That’s right, so we have to continue.

Lady June, PhD, Colombia

Hollywood and violence

Obviously America is crazy about guns, but it has bigger problems than the AR-15 assault rifle.

Hollywood is the main source of money-making, producing genocide television, movies, and video games. Machine gun mass murders are carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on almost every channel.

British television may show the mystery of murder. Hollywood media in the United States is very different. The main attraction is to shoot them, blow them up, and bomb them. Even Marvel’s action hero movies are full of mass murder.

Young Americans see this every day. Video games are even worse. America has become an entertaining country with mass murder.

Hollywood and others need to curb super-violence in order to make a profit. Abuse of the rights of the First Amendment is killing us and our children.

Gary Lynn, Charleston