Grand jury indicts Trump Organization, top executive

A Manhattan grand jury has charged the Trump Organization and its longtime Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Important reason: The indictment, scheduled to open on Thursday, is the first Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance to investigate the finances of former President Trump for almost three years.

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  • The exact accusation was not immediately apparent, but citing those familiar with the matter, the post office reported that they were related to unpaid tax claims.

  • The prosecution has begun aggressive efforts to pressure 73-year-old Weisserberg, who has a deep knowledge of the Trump Organization’s finances, to cooperate in the investigation.

  • Trump and his family have not been charged, but an investigation is ongoing. “I can’t say he’s completely out of the woods yet,” said Trump’s lawyer Ron Fischetti. Told AP On Monday, guiding the prosecutor’s findings as very overwhelming.

How to get here: Vance paid $ 130,000 to former Trump fixer Michael Cohen for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who claimed to have something to do with the president In 2014, we started investigating the Trump organization.

  • The scope of the investigation quickly expanded, expanding the scope of potential fraud by Trump and his business. This includes tax incentives and allegations that the company has manipulated the value of an asset. New York Times..

  • Vance summoned Trump’s financial records in August 2019, after the Supreme Court ended a lengthy court battle over Trump’s claim of “absolute exemption from all kinds of criminal processes” during his tenure. We finally secured them in February 2021.

  • Trump’s lawyer met with the prosecutor on Monday as part of his final effort to convince him not to be prosecuted.Vance may not oversee the prosecution if it is brought to justice, as he plans. Leave the company December 31.

What they are saying: Trump issued a ferocious statement on Monday denying cheating and accusing DA’s investigation of “continuing the greatest witch hunt ever.”

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