“Great Concerns” Regarding Article 25 of the Constitutional Amendment, which will be invoked on the final day of the Trump administration


Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who appeared before the House Selection Commission on January 6, called on the 25th following an attack on the US Capitol. Amendment testifying that there was controversy among the ministers to dismiss Trump.

Video transcript

Liz Cheney: Sean Hannity apparently spoke to President Trump and warned him of what could happen. I understand that this text message Sean Hannity sent to Kaley McKenny on January 7 shows what Mr. Hannity said to the President. First of all, there is no more talk of stolen elections. Second, the impeachment and amendment Article 25 is genuine. Many people quit.

Mr. Hutchinson, you said you were listening to discussions related to Article 25 of the Constitutional Amendment. This is part of what you said.

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: Pompeo contacted Meadows to speak in case he had not heard the discussions among the Secretaries of the Government. And from what I understand, it was more, this is what I’m listening to. I want you to notice.

But since you’re the Chief of Staff, I think it’s worth turning on the radar. You are technically the boss of all Secretaries of the Government. And as the conversation progresses, you should be ready to take action against it. I am worried about you and your positioning for this. yes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Liz Cheney: Mr. Hutchinson, do you remember the discussion about the January 7th presidential speech?


Liz Cheney: Hutchinson, let’s hear what you said to us about it and the process of making those remarks.

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: There is a great concern that the Article 25 amendment may be triggered because of what I understood at the time and the fact that the report had arrived. And if that were the case, there were concerns about what would happen in the Senate if the 25th was called.

So the main reason I heard-except that we didn’t do enough on the 6th, we need to blame this with a stronger message there, otherwise this Will be your legacy-a secondary reason for that was thought about what would happen in the last 15 days of your presidency if we didn’t do this. We have already discussed the invocation of Article 25 of the Constitutional Amendment. I need this as a cover.