“Great” intimate coordinators say the show’s couple’s nude level reveals a lot about their relationship


Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning will star as Catherine in “The Great”.Hulu

  • Insiders spoke with Intimacy Coordinator Catherine Hardman during Season 2 of The Great.

  • She said the amount of clothes a couple wears in the sex scene suggests the nature of their relationship.

  • Hardman explained that a character “implies complete nudity” only if there is true intimacy between the characters.

Warning: Hulu’s “The Great” Season 2 Spoilers.

Catherine Hardman quickly learned that there were unique challenges in adjusting the sex scene in Russia in the 18th century.

“You cannot undress. [have] “That’s accurate,” he said. Season 2 Intimacy Coordinator of “The Great” said in a recent interview with insiders.

The women of the court of Catherine the Great, the epicenter of Tony McNamara’s fictional series, wore tightly strapped corsets and wide panniers under thick, rich fabrics. Wardrobe designer Sharon Long warned Hardman that it would actually take another person “about 30 minutes” to completely undress a woman.

Great Season 2, Joanna, Catherine, Marial

Joanna, Catherine and Marial for Season 2 of “The Great”.Gareth Gatrell / Hulu

“I can’t do that. I’m completely dressed or I can see the end. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are scattered, but I can’t change clothes because someone has to come in and do it,” explains Hardman. bottom.

So, the whole set was started.

Hardman spliced ‚Äč‚Äčeach of the many sex scenes of the show with the help of directors, wardrobe departments, stunt coordinators, and actors. They took into account costumes, historical background, physical logistics, and above all, the story they were trying to tell.


The women of Catherine’s court in Season 2 of “The Great”.Gareth Gatrell / Hulu

The nudity level of the characters shows each other’s feelings

Initially an obstacle, costumes that are difficult to remove have evolved into narrative tools.

Hardman explained that casual “quick sex hitting a wall” meant keeping clothes on. Emotional sex, on the other hand, gave the team a reason to find a workaround like Velcro Corset Catherine (Elle Fanning) Wear after declaring love for Peter (Nicholas Hoult).

“If it’s fringe sex, they don’t undress. When you have real intimacy, we’re really showing another step in the relationship. After the two characters are dating When in the bliss of, it adds that you “see implicit nakedness or more skin,” Hardman said, “it has become a pretty nice arc throughout.”

Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning

Holt and Fanning co-star of “The Great”.Hulu

“The Great” can easily fall into the trap of showing the body just to show it, Hardman told insiders. Fortunately, the director of each episode was intentional about how to portray the more intimate scenes of the show.

“It was about what the connections were and what the story behind those intimate interactions was,” she said.

Even in the nude scene, the actor wore “modesty clothes”

Before starting the shoot, the actor signed an exemption outlining the level of comfort in a scene with nudity. Hardman confirmed that the aloud border remained onset.

She also had a one-on-one conversation with the actor after the actor read the script. They discussed a variety of “modest clothing” that could be installed, such as barriers, cushions, sideless G-strings, and nipple covers.

“It’s all about things that aren’t really sexy, and the outfits are extraordinary and can hide all sorts of things,” she said.

Marial and Grigor lying on a blanket

Season 2 Marial (Phoebe Fox) and Grigor (Gwilym Lee) from “The Great”.Hulu

According to Hardman, the exemption and check-in allowed the actor to say, “Oh, I know it won’t go out, so I can breathe.”Conversation with Gwilym LeeSpecifically, the actor who plays Grigor Dimov came to my mind. He told her, “I’m glad to know that someone is there just for that reason.”

“The Great” Season 2 is now available for streaming on Hulu.

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