Greens announce 2021 election platform


Green Party of Canada 2021 election platform On September 7, we focused on sustainability and economic recovery.

The plan aims to promote policy towards three main goals: “green future,” “living with dignity,” and “fair society.”

“Many of the tragic events that have occurred in the last 18 months have revealed gap faults in our society. Vulnerabilities face immense challenges in the 21st century if not addressed. We’ll leave us in a dangerous weakness, “green party leader Announcer Paul said in a media release. “Our platform is what we want at this moment.”

To move to “Green Future”, the platform will achieve “net-negative” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and end fossil fuel extraction by canceling all new pipeline projects and oil exploration. I am proposing that.

“By acting now, Canada has a lifelong opportunity to accelerate its transition to a net-zero economy and become a world leader in clean technology and renewable energy,” Paul said.

To “replace all high-paying fossil fuel sector jobs with high-paying green sector jobs,” the platform will ensure that current wealth holders, such as the fossil fuel sector, “pay a fair share” and sustain. We propose to discourage impossible investments. Tax increase on “environmentally harmful products and services”.

By the end of 2021, the Greens have pledged to introduce a “fair transition law” to support workers and communities during the transition from the oil and gas sector.

The platform also aims to provide economic recovery plans to address existing social issues such as poverty, affordable housing and the homeless.

The Greens offer a comprehensive benefit called Guaranteed Resident Income (GLI). This replaces separate federal and state programs with a single, universal, unconditional cash payment offered through the tax system.

The platform also includes plans to expand other universal programs, including the abolition of higher education tuition, the cancellation of federal student loan debt, and the introduction of universal pharma care, dental care and child care. increase.

The Greens will also introduce a number of new taxes on businesses and wealthy individuals, including “empty home” taxes on foreign and corporate homeowners who own vacant buildings and units.

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.