Greg Gutfeld talks with his colleague Benjamin Hall about his “Little Calffle”

on Tuesday, Fox news husband Greg Gutfeld Dealed with him Controversy last week With Benjamin Hall, a correspondent for the network who was injured on Monday while reporting on the ground in Ukraine.

Gutfeld did not apologize for his remarks about his colleague, but claimed that he had spoken to Hall over the phone about their “little carfaffle” last week.

Co-host Geraldo Rivera, along with two other Fox News colleagues who died in an attack in Ukraine on Monday, condolences to Hall, who said Rivera was “seriously injured.” After praying, he mentioned the case.

“I want to talk about Ben, but first, Joe [Biden] He has announced that he will be going to Europe — next week — no! Mr Gutfeld said he has embarked on a spill criticizing the president’s response to the Ukrainian crisis.

“As for Ben, I talked to him a long time after we did a little carfuffle last week,” Gutfeld continued. “And what makes me most angry about him is that he is handsome and funny.”

Last Tuesday, Gutfeld suggested The media was trying to stimulate an “emotional reaction” to the war in Ukraine because “it benefits news companies.”

From Kyiv, the hall pushed back.

“As someone in the field, I want to say that this is not a medium that is trying to intensify emotional reactions,” he said. “This is absolutely happening.”

Gutfeld later called Hall’s comment a “cheap attack”, doubling his claim to a one-sided story in the Ukrainian press.

on Monday, Fox News announces The hall was hospitalized while reporting outside Said on Tuesday The cameraman, Pierre Zakrzewski, was killed in the same attack as Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova, who worked as a Fox News consultant.

On Tuesday, Gutfeld said he and Hall “joked” about their on-air discussions last week, and Hall said, “Greg, you can’t do my job, and I do your job. I can’t do it. “

“And I said,’Um,'” Gutfeld continued. “My job is much easier. I’m not in danger. I’m threatened with murder, but usually from Dana,” he joked about his colleague Dana Perino. Said.

“But … we’re thousands of miles away, so we can afford to teach.”

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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