Greg McMichael does not plead for hating crime with Arbury’s death

Savannah, Georgia (AP) — The man who began a deadly chase that ended in the shooting of Amado Arbury after killing an unarmed black man in 2020 reversed his course and was acquitted of a federal hate crime. Decided to admit. Legal submission late Thursday.

Greg McMichael’s decision came a few days after the US District Court. Judge rejected terms of judicial transaction He and his son Travis McMichael negotiated with the prosecutor. The deal faced passionate opposition by Arbury’s parents. McMichael’s lawyer said in a legal notice filed jointly with the prosecutor that McMichael is now being retried for Arbury’s death.

McMichaels and his neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan Convicted of murder Last fall at the Georgia State Court life sentence.. Apart from that case, three white men were also charged in the US District Court for violating Arbury’s civil rights and targeting him because he was black.

McMichael’s chased Arberry, armed with a pickup truck, after finding a 25-year-old man running past his home on February 23, 2020, just outside the port city of Brunswick.Brian participated in and recorded the chase on his track Mobile phone video A photo of Travis McMichael exploding Arbury with a shotgun.

Travis McMichael was planning a plea hearing on Friday morning to announce whether he would move forward in a federal proceeding with a plea. In that case, the jury selection will start on Monday.

Both men plan to plead guilty to hate crimes earlier this week after prosecutors and lawyers have agreed to a 30-year sentence, including a request to transfer McMichael’s from Georgia’s prison system to federal detention. was doing. In this transaction, McMichael would have acknowledged racist motivation and demanded that he lose his right to appeal to a federal judgment.

After Arbury’s parents objected, US district judge Lisa Godbey Wood refused the deal on Monday, arguing that the situation in the federal prison would not be so harsh. Wood said she eventually denied her deal because it would have locked her in a particular ruling.

The judge told the man that she would not guarantee their decision if they still decided to plead guilty.

The prosecutor asked the judge to approve the judicial transaction, despite opposition from Arbury’s family. Prosecutor Tara Lions told the U.S. Department of Justice that Arbury’s parents’ lawyers would not oppose the judicial transaction.

Arbury’s mother’s lawyer, Lee Merritt, said the murdered man’s family had previously rejected the same conditions and “no longer wants to involve” the prosecutor who “taken it as a postponement.”

During a murder trial in state court, lawyers argued that it was justified to pursue Arbury because he had reasonable suspicion that McMichael had committed a crime in his neighborhood. Travis McMichael testified that Arbury fired with a shotgun after attacking him with his fist and trying to grab a weapon.