Grizzly bear attack kills backcountry guide near Yellowstone National Park

Wildlife guides in Montana, an outdoor enthusiast, died after being attacked by a grizzly bear that may be guarding a moose carcass near Yellowstone National Park, according to wildlife officials.

Charles “Carl” Mock, 40, was attacked last week while fishing north of West Yellowstone near the campsite.

The· Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office said Mock died at Idaho Hospital on Saturday.

Sheriff’s office “severely injured scalp and face” mock during attack Said in a statement..

by Montana Fish Wildlife & ParksAt the time of the attack, the mock was alone, but had a bear spray. It is unclear if he deployed a bear spray, officials said.

The rescue team spent about 50 minutes looking for the mock before finding it. According to the sheriff’s office, the mock was taken by rescue bogan and snowmobile to a hospital in Idaho Falls.

The day after the attack, wildlife experts from Montanafish Wildlife & Parks surveyed the area and encountered a bear that attacked the group.

This dateless photo, provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, is a grizzly bear just north of the National Elk Reserve in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

This dateless photo, provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, is a grizzly bear just north of the National Elk Reserve in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

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In a statement, Montanafish Wildlife & Parks said, “All seven tried many times to haze and drive away bears, but the charges continued. Due to this imminent safety risk, bears were grouped. He was shot dead about 20 yards from. “

Wildlife officials said they found a moose carcass within 50 yards of where the attack on the mock occurred. This indicates that bears, older men weighing 420 pounds or more, protected their food sources.

A GoFundMe To help pay for Mock’s medical bills, the man said, “I’m very passionate about outdoor activities, hiking, fishing and photography, and I’m a beloved guide for the myriad of Yellowstone visitors.” Backcountry Adventures, a guide company that offers snowmobile rentals and tours, shared its fundraising activities on its Facebook page. According to GoFundMe, Mock suffered a stroke after two surgeries.

Mock’s friend Scott Riley said he was a “very experienced” guide who lived near grizzly bears and knew the risks of working.

“He was the best guide around,” Riley told The Associated Press. “He looked like an eagle and sounded like an owl …. Karl was a wonderful person.”

The Greater Yellowstone area is home to more than 700 grizzly bears. National Park Service..

According to the National Park Service, males can grow up to £ 700 and animals can live up to 30 years. The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office warned residents to be careful “because bears are out of hibernation and looking for food.”

Bears are omnivorous animals. According to the National Park Service, from late March to early May, when you get out of hibernation, you generally eat elks and bison.

However, deadly grizzly bear attacks are still rare in the Yellowstone region. Since 2010, eight people, including Mock, have been killed in the area. The most recent death was in 2018, when a hunting guide was killed in Wyoming.

Animals Protected under the Endangered Species Act Hunting is prohibited. However, the species was temporarily “delisted” in 2017, and hunting was planned before judges regained protection in 2018.

Contribution: Associated Press

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Grizzly bear attack near Yellowstone kills Montana’s backcountry guide